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There are various aspects to consider while designing fire & gas detection & alarm systems or fire suppression systems: each facility has its own individual characteristics that vary a lot depending on environmental conditions and on different hazardous processes that may each have a different set of risks.

This means that design methods relevant also to the protection of neighbouring areas in the same plant can be different.

For these reasons, the value of Research & Development of special new technologies in the fire fighting field is a key element and, in case of the Italian Company SANCO, enables a business that generates increased wealth over time.

SANCO S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturing Company founded in 1988 that designs and supplies a complete range of fire detection, fire suppression systems and associated services, including highly advanced fire & gas detection control panels (EN, UL/FM, IEC and GOST-EAC certified), fire suppression systems (water-foam, dry chemical and gas type, mobile and fixed ones) & equipment, as well as firefighting trucks.

Target Market: Oil & Gas Industry and Refineries, Terminals and Pipelines, Power Plants & Turbines, Industrial Complexes, Ships & Offshore Platforms, Harbours, Jetties, Civil Defence.

Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001

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