Stand - A24

Hall - 4

Family owned and operated for 40 years; Safety Technology International (STI) is committed to providing fire, safety and security products that help prevent false fire alarms, damage, misuse, and tampering to essential life safety equipment.

Every false fire alarm is costly and disruptive, STI supply a range of protective polycarbonate covers which easily retrofit over vulnerable call points and buttons, providing instant protection.

The Stopper series boasts alarm devices for both emergency doors and life safety equipment; the Exit Stopper is a unique and highly effective door alarm that will alert you to any misuse of emergency exit and fire doors.

The Theft Stopper is a tamperproof, self-contained alarm which protects vital life safety equipment while maintaining accessibility for emergencies.

STI stock a large and varied range of plastic-coated heavy-duty steel cages which have been specifically designed to protect smoke detectors, beacons and more, from misuse or accidental damage.

The ReSet Call Point mimics the feel of breaking glass without the need to replace broken parts, while the latest addition to the resettable line – the Global ReSet – offers a completely global solution.

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