Stand - F31

Hall - 4

Reacton Fire Suppression is a leading global manufacturer of Automatic Fire Suppression systems. With their UK head office based 30 miles from London, Reacton has now opened in Dubai.

Reacton is a global supplier with distributors across key regions worldwide, in all core market sectors including construction, mining, rail and portside, transportation, military, residential, waste and recycling and renewable energy.

At the heart of Reacton is a team of exceptional engineers dedicated to the advancement of Fire Suppression technology, developing world-class solutions that drive positive change and standards within the international fire protection community. Reacton’s primary objective is to safeguard people and assets across a diverse range of applications.

At Intersec 2020, the team will present the latest product releases and testing successes for both the Reacton single and dual agent fire suppression systems across key disciplines. The Reacton system offers a wholly pneumatic approach without the need for electronic power, meaning you are covered 24/7. The systems are designed for use with various suppression agents including dry chemical powder, wet chemical foams, 3M Novec 1230 and FM200. With the addition of high-grade stainless-steel components, Reacton delivers an industry-leading fire suppression system.

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