Stand - B38

Hall - 4

PROFOAM is a specialist in the production of firefighting foam concentrates.

Its full range of superior quality and environment friendly foam include FluoroProtein, Film forming (AFFF & FFFP), Synthetic, Alcohol Resistant, Hi-Ex and also F3 (Fluorine Free Foam) and NEW foam products.

Large production capacity (200,000 litres per day), quality products, know-how and reliability distinguish PROFOAM as the universal leader of the foam manufacturers, giving the professional end user the quality assurance they need, where matters of safety are paramount.

PROFOAM is also known for:

  • Environmentally green products (NO PFAs, short C6 chain)
  • Extremely short delivery terms
  • Expertise and availability in customers’ assistance

PROFOAM develops first quality specific firefighting foams for use in the oil industry: Protein based foams that provide superior burn-back resistance and are very effective with sea water. Furthermore, protein-based foams, being mainly organic, are much kinder to the environment compared with the synthetic foams.

The production plant is located at Novara (Milan-Italy). The international sales office is in Paris (France) where a professional team assists and advises the end users in the correct choice of the foam compound.

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