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Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), Perimeter Solutions operates as a leading specialty chemicals business, producing high-quality lubricant additives and firefighting chemicals with a broad product offering across fire retardant and fire suppressant foam applications.

Perimeter Solutions works side-by-side with fire management agencies in North America and across the world to provide safe and effective firefighting chemicals (fire retardants, foam, gels) to meet the needs and desires of fire management personnel. Beginning in 1963 with the establishment of highly innovative PHOS-CHEK® long-term fire retardants, and further advancing fire suppression technology with Class A, Class B, and specialty foams sold under the BIOGEMA®, PHOS-CHEK®, AUXQUIMIA® and SOLBERG® brands.

The AUXQUIMIA® brand product range includes: fire extinguisher additives; Class A foam, C6 based AFFF and AR-AFFF concentrates under the CAFILM™ and AQUAFILM® tradenames, FLUOPOL® multi-expansion foam and UNIPOL-FF® Fluorine-free foam concentrates.

The SOLBERG® brand product range includes: FIRE-BRAKE™ Class A foam; C6 based ARCTIC™ Class B AFFF and AR-AFFF foam; RE-HEALING® fluorine-free foam; Specialty and Training Foam concentrates, Foam Systems Hardware and Mobile Foam Equipment Products.

Perimeter Solutions offers fire managers solutions for superior ease of use, seamless supply and best overall performance.

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