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Hall - 6

With over 36 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of premium safety helmets, Pacific Helmets specializes in manufacturing and exporting safety helmet products to the exacting design and performance specifications of each customer. Pacific Helmets strives to meet, set and exceed the highest possible international standards for technical safety performance. The Pacific range includes helmets compliant to all major standards throughout the world.

Flexible manufacturing processes and innovative design flair result in products that have created new dimensions in helmet safety. Pacific Helmets has an ongoing commitment to the development of new and innovative helmet products and an unwavering focus on safety, quality and comfort.

Today, the ideas and experience gained in developing our range of helmets also facilitate the development of exciting new models and reduce the lead time required to develop new products. Pacific Helmets is passionate about your safety. We are dedicated to making the world’s superior emergency service head protection. Put your safety in the hands of the best.

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