Stand - G24

Hall - 4

Nittan have been at the forefront of manufacturing fire detection equipment since 1954. With over 60 years innovation resulting in exceptional standards of build quality, performance and reliability.

Available in both EN and UL specification, the highly flexible Nittan protocol is resistant to interference and offers up to 254 addresses per loop. With a full range of exceptional fire detection devices including award winning Dual Optical technology providing a high degree of protection against unwanted false alarms, Dual Optical & Heat Multi sensors and combined Smoke & Sounder devices which remove the need for sounder bases or separate sounder devices.

Visit Nittan at intersec to take a look at our new concept fire alarm panel. The new Nittan “Multi” Panels have been designed with total flexibility in mind, capable of a wide range of system configurations and readily expandable due to its simple plug-in module concept. With three enclosure sizes providing 6, 10 or 26 ports, allowing fitment of 11 different plug-in module options Nittan provide the ultimate in flexible fire alarm system design.

The “Multi” concept allows systems to be easily configured to cost effectively meet site requirements and system specifications without any unwanted additional hardware.

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