Stand - 24

Hall - 6

Since the end of the 1940’s, LUKAS has been manufacturing hydraulic equipment in its own production plant. First used only for industrial applications, hydraulic cutters for rescue operations were added as early as 1972. LUKAS has thus laid the foundation stone for an entire industry and is now one of the global players in the rescue industry. LUKAS was the first manufacturer in the world who invented and marketed hydraulic rescue systems. Then as now, the LUKAS team develops all tools with passion, commitment and precision in its own production. LUKAS is innovative and is constantly finding new ways to develop the rescue tools to make them flexible, comfortable, efficient and easy to handle for its use in rescue operations.

This is not difficult for LUKAS, a part of the international IDEX Corporation. Thanks to our IDEX Fire & Safety family, we can act globally, exchange international practical knowledge and place high-performance rescue equipment on the global market.

LUKAS want to save lives, because you never get a second chance.

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