Stand - C12

Hall - 5

A major company for several decades, LEADER designs manufactures and promotes high performing equipment used in firefighting and search and rescue applications.

The company supplies rescue and security teams with technical, sturdy and constantly reliable systems to protect and rescue people and property.

LEADER offers innovative products for:

  • Firefighting world with > Fire PPV ventilation equipment, nozzles and monitors, thermal imaging cameras, fixed and mobile foam extinguishing systems, fire blankets, etc.
  • Search and Rescue world with > seismic and UWB life detectors, search cameras, movement monitors, etc.
  • Training world with > fire trainers for fire simulation, training extinguishers, smoke generatorsThese products are included in the ranges which we offer in over 50 different countries to Fire fighting & Rescue departments, Civil defense, Navy & Marine, Risk-Prone Industries, NGOs etc.

    Our company benefits from a strong international presence and is also operational throughout France. The goal of our teams is to: offer you innovative equipment closely adapted to your conditions of use in the field and help you finally with the day-to-day protection of your operations.

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