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All property managers have a legal obligation to enforce fire safety standards in properties to ensure safety of their residents and employees.

This means ensuring fire equipment is working correctly and that evacuation procedures are clear, as well as providing evidence of compliance. In non-domestic properties, fire-alarm systems are critical, alongside fire testing and maintenance. However, managing alarm systems across multiple locations is no easy task; the complexity is a mix of different alarm systems, managed by different people. All of this makes it difficult for employers and property managers to ensure that every single alarm is regularly tested, serviced and compliant.

Nimbus solves all of these issues. Simple to install as a non-intrusive add-on to a fire alarm control panel, this intuitive, cloud-based fire alarm management system, allows you to fully control and monitor every single alarm in your property portfolio and see all information relating to each alarm in real time via a desktop or mobile internet connection.

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