Stand - F09

Hall - 2

For more than a decade, Fireblast Global has specialized in the design and production of fire training equipment.

Founded in the 90’s with first responders and fire service personnel in mind, Fireblast Global continues to set the pace for the industry and expand the scope of fire training. Fireblast Global continues to provide every customer with products, service and support second to none.

How do you define value? At Fireblast Global, we believe the design and manufacturing of exceptional fire training systems, backed by proven reliability and world-class support, gives “value” a whole new meaning.

One of Fireblast Global’s founding principles was to create a new way of manufacturing that would result in a level of quality that is unrivaled in the industry, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete each training system.

Recently, Fireblast GmbH was awarded with design and manufacturing of some of the largest Industrial Fire Training facilities in the Middle East.

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