Stand - E12

Hall - 3 is a leading manufacturer of highly innovative aerosol generators used for fIre extinguishing and suppression purposes. Our products are used all over the world by governments, firefighters, first-responders and various industries.

DSPA aerosol was originally developed as an alternative to Halon and other conventional extinguishing agents. DSPA Aerosol is uniquely safe and effective. The active substances of the DSPA aerosol are solid micro particles that fill the compartment completely and attack the combustion process of a fire at a chemical level. Flames are instantly knocked down and the energy removed from the fire.

The amount of extinguishing agent required is significantly less than that of conventional extinguishing agents like CO2, FM200, Inergen etc. Additionally, DSPA aerosol offers significant installation and maintenance savings: It does not require any pressure vessels, nozzles or pipe work.

Our generators are fully certified according to many international standards and have obtained numerous approvals and listings.

By offering complete systems from detection to suppresion, is your ideal partner. Using an ever growing network of affiliates and strategic partners, our products are being sold in countries all over the globe.

We are looking forward to a chat at our stand; Hall 3 E12

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