Stand - G12

Hall - 2

Dr.Sthamer-Hamburg, a family owned business for more than 134 years, now in its 5th Generation, we are a manufacturer of the best Fire Fighting Foams available in the world, foam types manufactured are AFFF, AR-AFFF, FP, FFFP,AR-FFFP, F3 and AR-F3, Class A, HIEX and Wetting Agents.

Our team of 50+ staff are capable of developing specialist products to suit your specific risks and also provide technical support pre and post order to enable you to make the correct informed choice.

We also have a NEW range “VAPUREX” of F3 Fluorine Free Foams which will meet your exacting environmental needs as well as excellent firefighting performance.

We also carry out Annual Foam testing at our laboratory in Hamburg to ensure that your foam remains in perfect condition as long as it has been stored to our instructions.

Please visit our booth to discuss your needs with our team.

We will also be supported by our Local Abu Dhabi based Agent, Stockist and Distributor Qartaja Trading Establishment.

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