Stand - G12

Hall - 3

Damotek (formerly Vanzetti Equipment) is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of equipment dedicated to fire-fighting and gas sectors. With 30 years of experience, the company owns a strong global market quota and cooperates with the most relevant gas, fire & safety organizations and multinational groups worldwide.

At Intersec Dubai 2020 we will showcase our equipment for filling and recovery Clean Agents such as FM200, Novec1230 and so on. You will see there our THB523 model allowing to recover the mixture of Agent + Nitrogen from pressurized cylinders at pressures up to 70 bar. 99% of the product can be recovered which means no waste of product.

Besides the THB523, our units cover the other clean agents’ applications: filling cylinders from source tank, recovering the product (pressures: 25, 42, 55, 70 bar), mixing the cylinders to accelerate the Nitrogen diffusion in the agent, clamping and valving/devalving the cylinders for maintenance and more.

In Dubai, we invite you to visit our booth G12/HALL 3 where we will showcase our complete product range which also includes units for:

  • Dry Powder Extinguishers
  • CO2 Cylinder Filling and Testing
  • Maintenance of Gas Cylinders
  • Filling and Recovery of Refrigerant Gases
  • Inert Gas Filling

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