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Hall - 6

Chief Fire is an American producer of specialized firefighting equipment and systems whose vision is to develop and deliver innovative and performance driven hazard control solutions. Our expert engineering team works tirelessly to provide a tailored solution to our customers to meet their specific mission and requirements.

Hazard control, especially related to firefighting, is a fast-evolving industry with constantly growing threats and needs. We all demand more from our equipment and its respective producer. For this reason, the mission of our R&D team is always to design and produce products that support the brave men and women that fight and prevent fires. With three-and-a-half decades of combined expertise, Chief Fire serves customers by meeting challenging product development schedules and offering equipment that functions even in the most demanding field environments.

Chief Fire designs and produces a variety of firefighting products and systems, including:

  1. OS&Y and NRS Gate Valves
  2. Dry-Barrel Fire Hydrants
  3. Vertical Post Indicators
  4. Swing Check Valves
  5. Single/Double Jacket Rubber Lined Fire Hoses
  6. Rack/Reel Fire Hoses
  7. Large Diameter Supply Hoses
  8. Hose Management Mobile Solutions
  9. Foam Skids, Foam Trailers/Trucks
  10. Emergency and Disaster Response Trailers/Trucks

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