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BRE Global Ltd, based in the UK near London, is an independent third-party organisation offering testing and certification of fire, security and sustainability products and services to an international market. LPCB is the certification brand used for fire and security products and services. The LPCB mark is accepted worldwide by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s) and we have offices in China, India and Dubai.

LPCB certification covers the following areas:

  • Fire detection and alarm products and systems
  • Manual fire extinguishing equipment
  • Automatic sprinkler products and systems
  • Fixed fire-fighting products and systems (gaseous and water mist)
  • Passive fire protection products and systems including cladding
  • Cables
  • Fire doors and shutters
  • Smoke and fire ventilation systems
  • Electronic and physical security products
  • Related installers
  • Management systems

Unfortunately claims are sometimes made that can mislead buyers into believing a product, system or service has LPCB certification when it does not. Verification of claims can be easily made by checking the live listings on our website at

BRE Global additionally carries out:

  • Testing
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Engineering Consultancy
  • Research

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