Stand - B38

Hall - 7

In Europe, AUXQUIMIA®, a Perimeter Solutions brand is synonymous with high-quality Class B and specialty foams. AUXQUIMIA is a Spanish company whose main activity is the design, manufacture and commercialization of firefighting foam concentrates and extinguisher additives.

AUXQUIMIA is, throughout its experience over 40 years in the market and its strong commitment with the innovation and research of new solutions, the leader in the production and commercialization in the European domestic market of foam concentrates. The premium quality of its products, along with a large capacity of production, allows AUXQUIMIA to be a regular supplier to major companies in many industries such as petrochemical, chemical, naval, aeronautical, energy, automotive, mining…

During the ongoing process of changes in standards coming from environmental concerns, AUXQUIMIA, has been able to adapt its products to new regulations with top performance products, which is critical for industries like Petrochemical, Oil & Gas which require difficult quality assurance tests like LASTFIRE batch testing, in which only premium products are able to get maximum qualifications, especially when testing with sea water becomes necessary.

AUXQUIMIA is known for superior customer response and service, and for identifying and meeting specific customer needs with tailor-made products.

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