Stand - B38

Hall - 7

ADARO Tecnología S.A. is a Spanish company with international tracked experience, involved in designing and manufacturing reliable intrinsically safe ADALIT torches. All flashlights are made specifically for use in explosive hazardous areas and tested to extremes to perform in Oil & Gas, Firefighting, Mining and Tunneling.

Safety is a paramount, but it’s about efficiency too. If you can see properly, you can work better, so products benefit like extended battery life, digital display, step lighting system and smooth glare-free light translate into more secure productive operations.

At INTERSEC 2020, alongside the full ADALIT flashlights range for light, medium and heavy duties,will be available the new L-5000 professional rechargeable LED searchlight, designed and engineered to satisfy the high standard requirements of Emergency Services, Search & Rescue teams and Industrial sectors. Utilising a swivelling head combined with highly visible display to indicate run time, both the L-5000 and L-5000 EX1 ATEX ZONE 1 can be used as searchlight or for scene lighting, fixed on a tripod or a metallic surface, thanks to the high pull strength tail magnets. The combination between wide and narrow light beams, make them ideal for long distance searching or flood lighting wider areas.

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